IIN – Instituto de Investigación Nutricional

Department of International Health – Johns Hopkins – UniversityBloomber School of Public Health
The study took place in Trujillo in poor peruvian area (shanty towns characterized by inhabitants with a low and insecure income, poor housing and by a general lack of one or more essential services.)
187 infants from the catchment areas of intervention areas and 190 from control areas
21 health facilities were identified: three community hospitals (two were excluded because of administration problems), 13 health posts (two were excluded due to dangerous fieldwork and one because it was created for a displaced population).
791 pregnant women were identified by census (377, 48%, were enrolled.) The other percentage had to stop the pregnancy due to various facts,f.e. the baby was born too early or were outside the age criterion).In the 377 pregnant women, some of them have baby with congenital malformations or refused to take place in the research.

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